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    Unleash your company’s potential

    Positive communication and interaction is essential for a thriving, productive workplace. No
    company is perfect – there are always additional ways to improve. Maureen Inglis is a management
    consultant specialising in workplace conflict management, coaching, and mediation.

    Many owners and managers see communication barriers and conflicts as negative. However,
    resolving issues provides an opportunity for growth when handled in a respectful way. Maureen has
    informally studied Process Oriented Psychology for many years which she has integrated into her practice.

    Your trusted business consultant

    Maureen Inglis is your expert management consultant specialising in workplace conflict
    management, coaching, and mediation. Maureen is also a mediator with the Adelaide Magistrates
    Court and an approved mediation coach with the Resolution Institute.

    She provides a needs based customised service aimed at achieving solutions that are sustainable
    for your business. Based locally in Adelaide and the Mid North Region of South Australia,
    Maureen’s consultancy work covers city, regional, and remote areas in face to face, zoom or telephone consultations across Australia and Internationally. Maureen is experienced, respected, and valued for responsive, compassionate

    Priding ourselves on our testimonials

    “I have witnessed Maureen’s skills in working with conflict, facilitating groups and in her engagement in complex group interactions. Maureen holds a solidity and groundedness, as well as honesty and integrity in her interactions”

    - Mentor and Trainer

    “I was impressed by (Maureen’s) depth of understanding of power and rank dynamics and associated intercultural competence. Her understanding of group dynamics and the roles within team and system conflicts enable her to work in complex conflict environments”

    - Founding Director, CLE Consulting and Founder Global Coaching Institute

    “I thank you for professionalism, your compassion and your support”

    - Engineering Manager

    “I am amazed how easily Maureen seemed to help me to unfold the layers of my problem. My “too hard basket” was opened and with Maureen’s guidance, I chose my own solution – and it worked!”

    - Coaching Client

    “I have referred Maureen on several occasions. On every occasion the Council has thanked me for the referral and the praise has been high for Maureen’s approach and effectiveness.”

    - Divisional Manager

    Internationally accredited mediator with a Strong interest in intercultural situations.