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Consultation testimonials

  • Mentor and Trainer

    "I have witnessed Maureen’s skills in working with conflict, facilitating groups and in her engagement in complex group interactions. Maureen holds a solidity and groundedness, as well as honesty and integrity in her interactions"
  • Founding Director, CLE Consulting and Founder Global Coaching Institute

    "I was impressed by (Maureen’s) depth of understanding of power and rank dynamics and associated intercultural competence. Her understanding of group dynamics and the roles within team and system conflicts enable her to work in complex conflict environments"
  • Engineering Manager

    "I thank you for professionalism, your compassion and your support"
  • Coaching Client

    "I am amazed how easily Maureen seemed to help me to unfold the layers of my problem. My “too hard basket” was opened and with Maureen’s guidance, I chose my own solution – and it worked!"
  • Mediation Client

    "Thanks to your help, my concerns were attended to, and life has been calmer"
  • Mediation Client

    "Maureen was so patient, kind and caring of all parties involved. She was great at helping all parties put their feelings into words so that we could see the situation clearly from the other parties’ perspective."
  • Mediation Client

    "Maureen displayed listening skills, awareness of cultural differences, patience, ability to help both parties express themselves and provide an environment where all parties felt valued and respected."
  • Mediation Client

    "Excellent communication skills, allowed appropriate time for the process, maintained confidentiality and culturally sensitive."
  • Mediation Client

    "Maureen was very professional and impartial. Her conduct was exemplary at all times. I personally learnt a great deal through mediation about how better to handle difficult situations."
  • Conflict Coaching Client

    "With Maureen's guidance and calm, caring presence, I chose my own problem's solution."
  • Facilitation Client

    "Fantastic and invaluable. Maureen was very good at getting everyone involved and communicating openly."
  • Participants in Team Leader training

    "Maureen was able to act as an independent facilitator to actually help us step through some of the real problems and concerns in the Team Leader group and provide some frameworks that we can refer to as we try to solve some of these issues in the coming weeks and months"
  • Divisional Manager

    "I have referred Maureen on several occasions. On every occasion the Council has thanked me for the referral and the praise has been high for Maureen’s approach and effectiveness."